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Alguns títulos tiveram o nome reduzido para caber melhor nas legendas.

2 Become 1
4ever Yours
A Certain Day With HaruChiha
A Distant Fragrance
A Flame Before the Wind
A Gentle Song Cannot Be Sung
A Lily Kisses a Rose
A Meiling and Reisen Fight It Out Manga
A Passing Shower
A Piece of my Wish
A Pure Heart
A Strategic Report of Our Pillow Talk
Acoustic Blue Hour
Addicted To You
Aigis Crash!!
All is well that ends well
Autumn Breeze Maiden
Aya Colored Mosaic
Ayafuya Rocket
Baby Sitters
Baby Sitters 2
Bamboo Shoots
Be With You
Beautiful Smile for Me!
Because I Want To See You
Between Calmness and Passion
Bird Strike
Black Lily in the Language of Flowers
Cage - Toge
Chocolat Orange
Copyroom Play
Cream Puff Holics
Cyclone Memory
Dance of the Butterflies
Datte Daisuki nan desumono
Dear Feeling
Do You Like Sweet Things
DokiDoki Punicure 2
Doujin Sakura x Hinata
Dragon Crime
Each Time and Place's Happiness
Eirin Play 3
Enji-It's Not Enough to Just be Loved!
Everyone's House
Fall of Vance - Violation of the White Tiger
Feline Fun
Flan-chan Infiniti
Flaxen Twilight
Flower Flower
Flower that Bloom in my Hand
Fortune Days
Fujiwara Mokou wa Shizukani Kurasenai
Futari Bocchi
Futari no Kyori wa 100m!
Gensokyo's Lost Child
Girls fall in love through her ears
Hakoniwa no Futari
Hana no Atosaki
Happy Happy Wedding
Hartmann 3 Bride Contest!
Hartmann2.5 XXX on a Rainy Day
Hashihime Mizugi
Heaven is Just There
Hell Raven Rises Early, Night Sparrow Oversleeps
Hello Melancholic
Her Butter Knife
Hidamari no Yume
Hokago Revenge
Honey Glaze
Houkago OO Time
I Want To Tell You That I Love You!!
Ichaicha Ghost
If I Wasn't There For You
I'm Not A Licentious Person!
Instant Anzu x Kirarin, Just Add Water
Invert Mode! Secret Code The Beast!
It's Lonely to Masturbate by Yourself
It's the Vice President's Responsibility!
Junior Sweet
Just the Two - After
Kanata no Tabi II
Karaage Tarou - Meisaku Kiss
Kawai sa Amatte Suki sa 100-bai!!
Konkon Kitsune de show
'Koromo' Allowance
Kouma MeiSaku no Gekijou
Lament Hope or Despair
Land of Yuri, Sometimes Jerseys
Lard Girl - Shibou Shoujo Mic-chan -
Lascivious Dreams
Legally Married Yuri Couple Book #1
Lesson Zero
Let's Meet in a Dream
Let's Play Outside!
Listen to My Voice and Take My Hand
Little Onions Beneath a Tree’s Shade
Lonely Tropical Fish
Look This Way Yukamari
Looking at You Kinda Turns Me On 1
Looking at You Kinda Turns Me On 2
Love Assort
Love Bite Syrup
Love Connect
Love Countdown
Love Letter
Love Partner Like A Honey
Love Sign!
Love Steal
Lovely Life with You
M☆M Erotic
MadoHomu Playing House
Magical Heart
Magnum Koishi
Maid and the Bloody Clock of Fate Lunatic
Maid and the Bloody Clock of Fate -Lunatic-
Marshmallow Heart
Marshmallow Nyan Nyan Whip
Master to Issho
Matataki no Aida ni
Meiling & Sakuya Theater
Melty Kiss
Memory of a Certain Little Night Sparrow
Midnight Queen
Mio Kan!
Mistress Home Party Epic Battle
Mogyutto "bath" de Sekkinchuu
Momiji wo Umi ni Tsuretette!
Mon Mirroir
Monthly Issue First Release of Mio and Ritsu for Adults
Monthly RitsuMio for Adults – Special Edition
Muffin Affection
Mugi to Azu
Mune wo Kitai de Fukuramase
My Monster with lovely green eyes!
My Prince
Naked Feels
Nemurenu Mori no Majyo
Next To You
NicoMaki - Bibi's Outfit Manga
Nightmare Box
Office Lady Cumming Just From Getting Tits Groped Manga
Officer, It's Me!
Ohiya de Douzo
Omakase! Momimomi Wanwan O
One Life
Oshiri Kids
Otomari Pajama
Our Courting War Front
Our dreams tonight will be sweet
Our First Time
Our Survival Strategy
Papilio Protenor
Partiality Issues of Scarlet Devil
Patchy Sleep Play
Plastic Song - First Volume
Plastic Song - Latter Volume
Princess Bride
Princess x Princess
Private Area
Radiant Sympathy
Reika and Nao get turned on!
Sado-Masochistic Book Featuring lenty Of Master
Saturday Afternoon
Sayaka's Grand Strategy for Sex
Saying I Love You Is
Scarlet Devil Mansion Sugar Bomb
Secret Flowers
Seductive Bottom x Hunted Hunter
She Must Want to Hear a Secret Story
Shine! NaoRei Blooms in the Early Summer!!
Shinshoku! Shinaika
Shinyuijo x Koibitokyakka
Shoujo Wa Sore Wo Gaman Dekinai
Sketch With A Calligraphy Pen
Sleepy Princess
Small Riddle of Devil 2
Smile Punicure
Snow Land Witches
So Sweet
Some french anon (After History)
Song of Prayer dedicated to you
Sono Hitomi Ga Tojiru Made Ni
Sore wo Ai to Yobu to Shiyou
Spring Days Shining Days
Spring Pollen is a Pain!
Stories of Sakuya
Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice
Sugiura Ayano is Looking at Toshino Kyouko with...
Suki Yuri
Sunny After Rain
Surely, More, Always
Sweet Aroma
Sweet Box
Sweet Girls
Sweet Potato
Tatami Ouroboros Duo
Thank an Idiot After the Rain Falls
The Bluebird of Happiness
The correct way of doing xxx-Education
The Dog's Desire and the Reality of Discipline
The Hakurei Shunga Incident
The One I Love
The Reason Why We Are In Love
The Restless Couple
The Scarlet Kin
The Secret Shokolad - Vol.01
The Secret Shokolad - Vol.02
The Spell of Love
The Storm of a First Love
The World is Full of Love
The Young Girl and the Little Girl of Moriya
Theatre Wings
Titan x Goddess x Rolled Egg
Today I Want to be By Your Side Again
Tora Heart
Tora to Uma to no Aida ni ha
Touhou - Beloved Other
Touhou Aojou Chiji no Tose
Touhou Koiiro Monogatari - AyaMu -
Touhou Mousou Kyou 12
Trick or Treat
Trick or Trick
Twinkle Star
Undefined Fantastic Orgasm
Under the Rose
Unforgettable Flowers and Rainbows
Various Adult HonoMaki - Nighttime
Walpurgis Zenya
Wazuka na Omocha no Gensokyou
We'll Meet When Life Comes Full Circle
Well Ventilated Workplace
What Is It That You Are Looking For
What the hell are you drawing!!
When You Take a Bath With Mami, the Mat and Lotio
White Clover
Yakumo-ke - Because They are my Dear, Dear Family
Ymir and Christa's Cute Family - Vol.01
Yoi Ko wo Tsukurou Kamae wa Back
Your Breath On My Lips
Your Eyes Only
Yuri la Kill
Yuriiro no Bifrost
Yuuka is a Sadist, While Alice is a Masochist
Yuushin Ryojou
Yuyumyon Circulation
Zecchou Saiban Shigoto Hajime
Lovely Girls' Lily
Hidamari Waha
Busou Shoujo Madoka ☆ Mafia

14 comentários:

  1. Será q poderiam traduzir este pf !!!

    1. Olá! Só trabalhamos com projetos onde as imagens sejam de boa qualidade e a tradução seja de uma fonte confiável.

  2. vlw S2 Yuri, essa continua atualização nós doujinshis está sendo incrível. Doujinshis como Theatre Wings, Love Countdown, Because I Want To See You, Maid and the..., dentre outros, são mangas do qual eu tinha um grande interesse em ler, mas eles estavam corrompidos. Por isso, apesar de ter sido ruim o fato quem levaram vocês a retomarem todos os doujinshis perdidos, eu estou super feliz por ter tido a oportunidade de ler tanto esses citados quanto outros que não pude incluir aqui ^w^. Por fim , agradeço-lhes mais uma vez pelo trabalho pesado, vocês são incríveis!!! XD

    1. Olá Roberta! Estou feliz que gostou, todos os anos essa página ficará ainda maior.
      Muito obrigado pelo carinho!

  3. Mio Kan não tem nenhuma fala.

    1. Olá! Obrigado por avisar, o doujin foi refeito e o novo link está disponível. Se tiver mais algum que tenha erros é só avisar =D

    2. Melhor site pra ler mangas de todos. site perfeito

  4. Perdi a conta do tempo que estava procurando um site pra ler os Doujinshi que tanto amo, mas ao chegar aqui cheguei a tomar um susto, kkkk.
    Extremamente organizado, sem contar que as traduções estão excelentes, muito obrigada por todo o esforço de vocês.

    1. Olá Kobeni! Estou feliz que gostou do nosso Acervo especial de Doujinshis. Na parte de cima do blog, temos uma sessão só para One-shots também, dá uma conferida. Volte ao blog para fazer novas visitas, pois todo ano temos o evento chamado "Mega Post" e nele sempre temos alguns GigaBytes de doujins e one-shots pra vocês. Obrigado pelo carinho e volte sempre =D.

    2. Como faço pra os Doujinshis?Baixei o aplicativo não deu certo .

    3. O aplicativo é apens um Feed para você ter acesso aos posts, sem precisar acessar os blogs na web diretamente. Para baixar os projetos deve abrir as páginas do blog e acessar os links para download.